Cumberland Pork Sausages

Cumberland Pork Sausages

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Cumberland Sausages with a Northern Irish twist in thick casings.

Many years ago on a visit to England I tasted a Cumberland Sausage. As a child it really wasn't to my liking, I can't explain why. It obviously is an acquired taste and as I got older and once my "taste buds" matured I wanted to reproduce this flavour as a new sausage in our shop.

Some Butchers produce them as a swirl and some as a thick sausage and this is the form we decided to follow. Cumberland are a "herbie" type sausage and looking at them you can see the green herbs that are used to give them the flavour. Because they are in a thick skin they are better cooked slowly at a lower temperature and if you are going to BBQ them then we would recommend partially cooking them indoors before fully finishing them over the charcoals. Enjoy!

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Each Pack contains 300g