Snap and Crackle Chicken Fillet

Snap and Crackle Chicken Fillet

  • £5.00

These Snap and Crackle chicken breast pieces was created by Simon Dowey for pure fun! We always challenge ourselves to come up with unique products.

Some think Simon forgot to eat breakfast one morning and thought on the spare of the moment of combining his missed breakfast and lunch together. On the spare of the moment and in a hungry state of mind he grabbed some Rice Krispies and rushed into our breading department and asked if the chefs if they would add some Rice Krispies to some breast pieces for his lunch. Thus we created "Snap and Crackle breaded breast pieces". 

The child in him came to the fore. Perhaps it was all a bit of lighted hearted fun but we all know the stories we can tell of trying to get our children to eat up their breakfast quickly to catch the bus to school! This might be fun food for the kids but we know some " big kids" love them too! Great popular food for the kids Try them just for the fun of it, you never know you might like them!

Each Pack contains 440g