Pork Honey and Mustard Sausages

Pork Honey and Mustard Sausages

  • £2.99

Our award winning honey and mustard pork sausages are hand linked with natural casings.

This is one of our more unusual mixtures that are put into our range of flavoured Sausages for you to enjoy. It has won some competitions where judges have been rather overwhelmed by the combination of sweetness and heat. Many butchers have tried to copy it, something we feel quite proud of!. The sincerest form of compliment, or is it flattery? At this stage we feel that ours just has the right balance of sweetness.

CHALLENGE us to make another flavoured sausage? We are always open to suggestions! This flavour of sausages is very popular for barbecues ...... a long fluffy roll, a squeeze of tomato sauce and good company make for a perfect harmony and a perfect meal. 

Part of our Mix and Match 2 for £5 Deals

Each Pack contains 300g (Approximately 6 Sausages)