Local Chicken Fillet (5 Pack)

Local Chicken Fillet (5 Pack)

  • £8.50

Local chicken fillet from Northern Ireland in a pack of 5 weighing 680g

Today we all deserve to know where our food comes from and we don't just mean whether it be bird or beef. We deserve to know who the farmer was and where he goes to work each day to produce our food. These chicken fillets come all the way from Richhill. The chickens are raised in low density barns which have received great praise by animal welfare groups. The chickens are processed according to the highest hygiene standards with Environmental Health and Department of Agriculture guidance and in fully licensed facilities.

We have been buying chicken from this supplier for many years and they give us a daily delivery to the front of our door. The best quality for the best customers, local chicken for local people.

Why do we stress LOCAL?

because very few Butchers, Suppliers or even Restaurants will tell you where their chicken was born and reared. We are all governed by EEC rules and guidance but we like to back "local producers". Northern Ireland farmers. The cost in rearing poultry in Northern Ireland always incurs higher costs and this is reflected in the retail price in comparison to imported chicken. We have no choice if we want to maintain our LOCAL supply. Otherwise this industry will not survive. You, our customer, must decide where your values lie. We allow you to make the choice. We promise to continue sourcing from local farmers, that's a promise. 

Each Pack contains 680g (5 Chicken Fillets)