Chump Steak

Chump Steak

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Chump and Rump Steak is Lean and Tender ideal for the bbq, frying or grilling. Matured by Doweys.

Often, lovingly, referred to as the Butcher's steak. Probably because the butcher was conscious that he wanted to sell all his Sirloin Steaks and maximise his profit margins he would rather take a slice of chump home for the dinner plate. NO, this is a falsehood!

Often misrepresented and misjudged steak, it has a truly superb flavour. No compromise, if care is taken in the "angle of slicing" this steak is and can be as tender as sirloin. Cut into portions it is ideal for marinating and for the BBQ. This steak can be cut in thick slices or in thin slices it is a very versatile cut of meat. It can stewed, casseroled, fried, baked, grilled or BBQ'd. We look after this cut with passion but it can be difficult to slice evenly this is were the skill of the butcher shows itself. Care must be taken to cut it at the right angle. Often we would of the carpenter cut across the grain and this is so for Chump Steak.

Don't be confused Chump Steak and Rump Steak they are essentially the same thing, our fellow Butchers in Scotland use the phrase Rump and some butchers in Ireland refer to this as sirloin! This muscle is one of the most important muscles of the animal. My father used to say "this was the muscle that the animal never sat down on!". The Chump of Beef has a very complicated structure of bone and takes a skilled butcher to remove these bones. Our skilled butchers are up to the job, three of them have over 75 years experience of doing this task. (That's 25yrs each) !!!