Scotch Eggs

Scotch Eggs

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Our award winning sausage meat wrapped around a cooked egg and deep fried with breadcrumbs.

John loves his Scotch eggs. He likes them with salad cream!!! I suppose it's not on his diet plan but he keeps insisting he is allowed eggs!. Life would be very boring if we couldn't have a " wee treat" now and again. When we moved into the new shop in 1989 we had a big counter to start filling and one of the products we started making all those years ago were "Scotch Eggs". In our kitchen we have a series of especially bought fryers to cook our Scotch eggs but it doesn't start there. It starts with brilliant pork Sausagemeat. We have perfected this recipe over the years. Everyone knows how a Scotch egg is made but we want to praise our staff for the effort they make to produce the perfect product. The secret is really one of time and temperature in the fryer. Too long it might crack, too short it might not be fully cooked. Too high a temperature it will definitely crack, getting the balance right is a skill and also a secret. Try our Scotch eggs along with our extensive range of freshly made salads. A perfect treat for a quick snack or lunch. Just think of those long summer days ahead!!!

Part of our Mix and Match 2 for £5 Deals

Each Pack contains 200g (2 Scotch Eggs)