Chicken Maryland

Chicken Maryland

  • £5.00

Our Fresh Chicken Maryland are handmade of only unprocessed chicken fillet. Doweys keep the recipe simple using pure chicken fillet and nothing salvaged will be used in this product. This is a fresh chicken product and has never been frozen. This does not contain any garlic butter as some may mistake the Chicken Kiev.

We take whole chicken fillets and we dip them in flour from local mills, shaking it gently we bathe it in an egg wash and swiftly fry it off at a secret temperature using vegetable oil. It is only lightly "blanched" in hot vegetable oil for very few minutes before being very swiftly chilled and brought down to a chilled temperature. At the next stage it is weighed and packed by experienced staff. No unnatural products are used to flavour this product, kids love them plain and simple. Of course you can various spices to further enhance the breast pieces .... the choice is yours.

Part of our Mix and Match 2 for £5 Deals

Each Pack contains 200g (2 Fillets)